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Welcome to Project Gambia

A not-for-profit voluntary organisation based in the North of England in the city of Sunderland that aims to improve the quality of life for families and local communities in the Gunjur region of The Gambia, West Africa.

Project Gambia supports local community organisations through the provision of resources, training and volunteer support. Please note that all volunteers who travel to The Gambia to assist on projects are self-funding.

We aim to make a difference by:

  • Working with volunteers to collect, sort and recycle items that have been donated to improve health, education and social welfare in The Gambia
  • Raising funds to ship containers, and buy resources needed for practical projects i.e. building of wells, renovation of schools/nurseries, resourcing health projects
  • Providing a variety of opportunities for people to volunteer in The Gambia
  • Raising awareness and campaigning for change


In partnership with the Box Youth project and Farrigson Community Academy. Supported by Gentoo and working alongside The Gunjar Project in Gambia.

farringdon gentoo box projectgunjar

Aiming to make a difference to the people in the Gunjar region of Gambia, western Africa.