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What we do here in the UK and in Gambia

Work is caried out both here in the Uk and across in Gambia itself.

gambian flagIn Gambia

  • Delivered peer education health workshops in secondary schools
  • Delivered emergency first aid workshops in schools and to community groups. To date we have trained 420 people and provided all groups with fully stocked first aid kits and first aid reference books
  • Collected gardening tools, seeds, and provided fencing for a Womens Garden Co-operative that has leased a plot land from the Government to provide vegetables to feed their families
  • Raised funds to build four safe wells
  • Delivered arts and craft workshops in local schools and nurseries and provided resources to ensure activities can be continued
  • Refurbished classrooms in two local schools and completed a playground makeover to provide children with a safe and stimulating learning environment. We have also planted trees to provide children with essential shade in future years
  • Refurbished a Community Health Post including providing furniture, a treatment bed, health information posters and leaflets and a large stock of first aid supplies
  • Facilitated a community awareness event about malaria (attended by 200 adults and children from the local village)
  • Supported AFNOW (Abubakarr Siddique Foundation for Needy & Orphans Welfare) by participating in World Orphan Day campaigns to raise awareness of the plight of orphaned children and by donating resources to the organisation to help them support those most in need
  • Worked with local teenagers to produce a short film to raise awareness in the UK about malaria

uk flagIn the UK

  • Visited schools to raise awareness of global issues and appeal for donations of educational supplies, school furniture and childrens clothes/shoes
  • Organised enterprise challenges in schools to raise funds
  • Set up a project to recycle donated clothing, shoes, garden and workshop tools, bicycles, and classroom furniture
  • Facilitated several adult groups and groups of young people to take part in volunteering opportunities in Gambia
  • Provided opportunities for young peoples experiences to be accredted
  • Supported young people to raise funds to meet their own travel and accommodation costs
  • Collected, sorted and packed more than 20 tonnes of recycled goods and raised the shipping costs to transport them out to The Gambia where we shared resources amongst local schools, community organisations and to families in need of suppport

about us 1






Project - School and Village Cycle Schemes

A new area of work that is being developed by  Project  Gambia is the  Cycle to School Project and the Gunjur Village Cycling Scheme.

In The Gambia owning  a bicycle  is a privilege! A cycle can make life so much easier by reducing the time it takes for  pupils to walk to  school and by  providing a means for families to transport goods and sometimes  other  members of their family!  People with a cycle can get to school, market, work and health clinics  in a quarter of the time it would take them to walk.

To date we have had more than 60 cycles donated; they are in various states of repair. Volunteers will repair, service and pack cycles to be transported by container. Donated cycles will be :

  • Loaned to pupils who need to walk further than 4 miles to school each day. Pupils will retain their cycle until they finish school. Project Gambia will train local teachers to repair and service the cycles, and a supply  of tools and  spare parts such as tyres, tubes, etc . will be left with the  school to  ensure that the bikes are kept  in a safe and roadworthy  condition.
  • Provided to the Kajabang Village Community Cycle Scheme – Kajabang village is off the beaten track! The Community Cycle Scheme will help support  the development  of  sustainable transport  for villagers  that  are most  in need by  providing  a  cycle for a family. Recipients of cycles will be required to take part in our ‘On your Bike’ training day which is a fun and practical workshop that enables   owners  to  undertake basic maintenance and repair.

UPDATE  (June 2013)

  • Over 60 bikes have been donated and are ready to be serviced and packed into the container.
  • 50 spare tyres, inner tubes  and 4 large boxes of spares to be packed (thanks to Pennywell Youth Project and cycle shops in Cumbria)


Project - Container Project

Location: Gunjur Region - In 2012 14 tonnes of donated resources were collected from across the North of England, sorted and shipped to The Gambia from Sunderland.

The container was packed to capacity with furniture for schools, books, stationery, classroom resources, gardening equipment, cycles, sports equipment, workshop tools and consumables, and shoes and clothing.

Donations were gathered from far and wide; schools, community groups, youth projects, local businesses, friends, family, work colleagues and individuals that had heard about the project and just wanted to help.

Gentoo and Mobile Mini helped out by providing container storage on site throughout the year.
A recycling/sorting centre was Farringdon Community Sports College handed over the old caretakers house and volunteers transformed it into a recycling centre to help manage the flow of donations.  32 volunteers helped to sort and pack resources for the container.

The container arrived and was unpacked by our Gambian friends. The contents were distributed by a team of our volunteers who ensured the resources reached their intended destinations.

We plan to ship at least one 40’ container per year (subject to raising funds to meet the shipping costs) If you have any resources that you would like to donate please contact us on 07885 274646.






Project - Women's Community Garden



Project - Kayabang Health Post

The health post at Kajabang was constructed by a Dutch VSO in 2010 and one of our volunteer groups painted the building inside and out

In 2011 we ran an appeal for first aid resources for the health post and had an overwhelming response – 66kg of resources were packed into suitcases and donated to the Health Post to enable the Community Health Worker to respond to emergency first aid needs in the village.

In 2012 we shipped a treatment bed, medicine cabinets, chairs and lots more first aid resources. Our volunteers again decorated the building inside and out, painting key health messages in art form on the walls. We also installed insect nets to the windows and organised a community information day on the subject of malaria.

More than 140 local people came along to the event. Volunteers made a short video clip on the topic of malaria with the aim of raising funds to buy malaria nets.




teaching first aid

first aid 2

Project - work with orphans and widows

Work with AFNOW (Abubakarr Siddique Foundation for Needy & Orphans Welfare.

afnowThe Abubakarr Sidique Foundation for Da’awa and Orphan Welfare, who work to improve the opportunities for over 300 orphans in Gunjur. (A child is deemed an orphan if they have lost both parents or if they have lost their father – the main breadwinner) The foundation attempts to get the children into education and work with the widows to teach them new skills that will enable them to feed their children.

In 2010, volunteers took part in an organised walk with local orphans to raise awareness on World Orphan Day and helped the organisation to raise much needed funds. We have since collected, packed and shipped clothing shoes, and play resources for the organisation. Last year our volunteers raised funds to organise an activity day for local orphans and had fun doing arts and crafts activities, dancing and singing. We were also able to ensure that orphans received clothing and shoes.

orphands afnow

Project - Schools and Nurseries

Location: Gunjur Region -Work to date has included painting and decorating classrooms, buildings, refurbishing outdoor play areas, organising activities for pupils and delivering peer education. Local schools and nurseries that we have visited have welcomed the support that we have been able to provide.

In 2010 we delivered peer education in Sifoe Secondary School and organised games for pupils in Kasa Kunda Lower Basic School and Kajabang Nursery School.

In 2011 we delivered emergency first aid workshops in Sifoe Secondary School, Gunjur Upper Basic School and Gunjur Lower Basic School (Scout group) 130+ young people were awarded certificates in Basic First Aid. Arts and crafts workshops were also organised for pupils in Kassa Kunda Primary School and Kajabang Nursery School.

In 2012 we painted Kajabang Lower Basic School inside and out, designing imaginative murals for the walls in each classroom. We also refurbished the outdoor place space, and planted trees to provide essential shade for children. We taught children at Kajabang Lower Basic School to play chess and also organised and delivered arts and craft workshops in three primary schools.

Resources from our container were distributed to Sifoe School, Gunjur Upper Basic School. Gunjur Lower Basic School, Kitty Upper Basic School, Kassa Kunda Lower Basic School, Gunjur Islamic School, Kajabang Nursery and Primary School, Mariama Mae Nursery, and Gunjur  Madena Kunkunding Lower Basic School

Click here to view link to a local Gambian newspaper article.







Aiming to make a difference to the people in the Gunjar region of Gambia, western Africa.